What people are saying

A glimpse of the Haverfordwest Town Museum Visitors Book

A selection of some of our visitor’s comments as written in our guest book:

MK, Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA, ‘What an interesting museum, especially the Augustinians, we belong to St Thomas of Villa Nova, an Augustinian community.’

AA, Tracy, California, USA,

TP, Livermore, California, USA , ‘We are descendants of Sir Thomas Picton.’

SP, St Nazaire, France, ‘Very interesting and informative museum with friendly and helpful staff. Tres interessant, Merci.

W& TG, Cwmtydu, ‘What a lovely gem of a museum, so much information and atmosphere. We will be back. Thank you.

WC, Loughborough, ‘Excellent museum, extremely well arranged.’

KJ, Nottingham, ‘A fascinating insight into your local history.’

C&JD, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ‘A fascinating local museum. Thank you.’

WJ, Llanelli, ‘Wonderful museum and fantastic staff especially the informative welcome from the lady in the shop.’

SF, Banffshire, ‘Very interesting insights into Haverfordwest Castle and town.’

M,D & C P, Nuneaton, ‘Well organised museum.’

J&SG, Leamington Spa, ‘Splendid- fascinating. Thanks to all the informative volunteers and curator.’

D&M, London, ‘Marvellous- shame the town isn’t so thriving.’

MH, Cardiff, ‘Very interesting and well presented. Especially 1929 fees from Hill House College.’

MW, Newcastle Emlyn, ‘ Very comprehensive collection. Very well presented.’

Older comments
From 2013 and written in the Visitors Book kindly donated by Mr Marlay Davies of Victoria Bookshop, Bridge Street.

A.M., Kent “A lovely experience. So well laid out and comprehensive.”

D and W. W, Atlanta, Georgia, “Awesome!”

R.K., Haverford, Pennsylvania, “Wonderful”

M.M. and P.H., Sherston, Wiltshire, “Excellent and full of interest”

M and P., Netherlands, “Very interesting and informative”

M., C, S and H, Hamburg, Germany, “We learned so much about Haverfordwest”

M and B, Hatfield “Top Marks”

R and B C, Redditch, “Brilliant! Plenty of Interest”

S,T., Germany “Thanks for all your hard work”

S and S., Queensland., Australia, “Great Museum”

A and M. B., Falkland Islands, “Lovely collection- thank you for having us!”

M, Latvia “Great, Thanks!”