The people of Haverfordwest, both past and present, are represented throughout the museum in numerous photographs and artworks.

A portrait of Sir John Perrot, Haverfordwest’s famous benefactor, can be seen, together with his coat of Arms.

A portrait of John Perrot

Sir John Perrot [c.1530-1592] a great Tudor magnate, Lord Deputy of Ireland and owner of Carew and Laugharne Castles. He was born at Haroldston and was Mayor of Haverfordwest three times. In 1580 he made a famous bequest to the Haverfordwest Corporation and so founded the charity, which still bears his name to this day.

A portrait of Admiral John Stokes

Admiral John Lort Stokes [1811-1885] who travelled on HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin in the early 1830s. He later did much valuable exploration work off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. He had many adventures and he recorded them in his two volumes of memoirs. He died at Scotchwells House in 1885.