Haverfordwest is rich in institutions and organizations, which have contributed an immense amount to public life.

The Grammar School existed as far back as 1488 and continued up until 1978. School caps, examination papers and school photographs are to be seen.

Other local schools, the Pembrokeshire Constabulary, the Volunteer Fire Brigade and Pembrokeshire Yeomanry are represented in artefacts. Items from the Workhouse (built in 1837) show the grim side of social provision in the early nineteenth century.

Maypole dancing

Children dancing around the maypole erected outside Barn Street School in around 1900.

Police Plaque

Elaborate plaque, which marked the Police Headquarters in the Castle until its removal in 1962.

Wooden Platter

Wooden platter from the Workhouse, which opened in 1837.

Silver Watch

Inscribed silver watch presented to P.C. Richards for his ‘clever capture’ of two burglars by a grateful property owner in 1910.


The bell from the Haverfordwest Corporation Fire Engine, which entered service in 1892