Here we celebrate the important rich civic life of Haverfordwest. There have been Mayors of Haverfordwest since the Middle Ages, although we only have a complete list from 1563. In 1479 an important Charter was granted to the town by Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward V) and others granted by James I and William and Mary.

On display, we see mayoral robes and trumpets as well as the famous mayoral hat. The original chain given to the town to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 is also exhibited.

Records of the arrival of the railway in Haverfordwest in 1853 are also on display.

A candelabra

Magnificent silver candelabra presented by the South Wales Railway Company to the Mayor of Haverfordwest, William Walters, to commemorate the opening of the railway to the town on 28 December 1853. The solid silver ornament has engravings of locomotives, tunnels and an image of the town.

mayoral robes

Mayoral robes, together with the original chain presented to Haverfordwest Town Council in 1887 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

A drawing of Upper High st

Drawing of upper High Street in 1822 by Thomas Ellis, Master of Short Row School.

Pewter tankard

One of a set of nineteenth-century pewter tankards.